A year of Microadventure – A Review

It feels a long time since I was sat on my sofa in Dublin reading Al Humphreys’ blog (www.alastairhumphreys.com); on the other hand it feels like it has been about five minutes. I enjoy his writing, photography and films and although I’ve never met him he seems to have a down to earth, normal approach to his work with his goal being to help normal people have a better quality of life. I’m not a hundred percent sure but I seem to recall someone on Twitter asking me if I was going to do the year of Microadventure challenge, it may have been Al himself.


One of the many times I have smiled this year

If you knew me well you would know that many of the wonderful things I have done in life have come from an opportunity arising followed by a laid back thought and reply of “yeah, why not?” This was my thought exactly, I had all the kit and the know how. I was in a completely new environment and life situation and I was looking for a way to stay attached to my love for the outdoors. A few days later I was sat on the sofa again (not as much of a habit as it may be sounding) when another person I follow on Twitter but have never met, Martin Black (www.martinblack.com), encouraged me to write about my experiences, again “Why not?” so I spent the rest of the day looking into how to make a Blog and trying to think what to write.

Since then I have had a wonderful time. In total in 2015 I think I have managed:

4 Nights in my Bivi Bag (1 in sub-zero temperatures)

8 Nights in a tent

2 Nights in a Bothy

I’ve spent time alone in the outdoors, exploring, relaxing and reflecting. I’ve spent a valued twenty four hours in the mountains with my brother-in-law. I was joined by my lovely wife on many occasions, we have laughed and grown together through these experiences and she continues to develop both ability and confidence in the outdoors. I’ve made new friends and shared trips with them. I have met passing friends who’s path I have crossed while out and have enriched my experiences. I’ve traveled to parts of Ireland, England and Wales that I would not have seen if it were not for my goal of one night out a month. I have learnt to be creative in my approach to trips. I have taken photographs and I have attempted to write.


The frost on my bag back in March. I think this may have been my favorite Bivi of the year.

I have been amazed by the Blog. I have surprised myself by how much I have enjoyed writing it. In it I have discovered a creativity and interest I did not know I possessed. My wife says it is due to all of the books and magazines I have read about adventure. All I know is that I enjoy it. Most amazingly, other people seem to enjoy reading what I share. I honestly would have been happy to have written down my thoughts and experiences for my own benefit and reflection. The fact that people take the time to read and sometimes comment on my story amazes me. For all of those of you have offered compliments and encouragement I am truly grateful.

What next? Well I just spent Saturday night sleeping in some woods on the edge of a golf course so I guess I am not finished with Microadventures. Will I do another round of the Microadventure Challenge, I don’t know. Its been good for me to be outside once a month so I will stick to trying to have one adventure a month, but these may not always involve sleeping out. Who knows though, if the mood takes me a may well do it all again. As for the blog I was initially unsure. My first plan was to write twelve posts and then close the Blog when I finished the challenge. However, as I have already mentioned I have been surprised by the enjoyment it has brought so I will keep it going for now. I think the content will change slightly as the adventures do but I will still aim to write once a month, though as with this whole concept it is to be something that brings joy and not stress.

Thanks again- if any of you are feeling inspired or want to come along then please get in touch.

Have a great 2016









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