Stu Ind has been in search of adventure for as long as he can remember. Fuelled by early childhood stories packed full of adventure and peril, Stu was quick to develop a strong sense of exploration and discovery. Amidst a childhood concoction of sports and a few failed music lessons Stu discovered the Scout movement where he found an adequate outlet and organisation of these desires.

As Stu grew older and had to make career choices he headed off to the Lake District to train as an Outdoor Pursuits Instructor turning his passion for adventure into a career that allowed him to share with others the passion and enthusiasm he has always had for adventure.

Having realised he will never be a ‘big time’ professional adventurer, a fact he blames partly on a lack of business sense in his younger days and partly on having been born around 500 years late for the peak of world exploration, Stu now spends his time seeking a sustainable lifestyle of adventure and responsibility.

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